Performance Indicator System (PHP)

This system features a purchase reservation on the dealer side, and system management in both the admin and staff side. Also, in the stock side, it can update stocks of products.
1. Download the code file.
2. Extract the folder in your localhost server.
3. Upload the included database. To upload the database, go to your PhpMyAdmin and create a database and name it opils. Click opils database, click import and import the database located in db folder of this file. Click go and wait until the db is uploaded.
4. After uploading the database, enter localhost/opils on your browser.
Use the following accounts to access the system:
Username: admin
Password: admin
Username: julyn
Password: juyln
Username: clene
Password: clene
Stock in-charge:
Username: rudy
Password: rudy
You're free to modify or change the system depending on your preference.
I hope this can help you. Happy coding :)

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