ATM Security Using Fingerprint Recognition (VB)

ATM security using fingerprint recognition and GSM is an embedded system, which is used for ATM security applications.
In these systems, Bankers will collect the customer finger prints and mobile number while opening the accounts. The working of these ATM machine is when customer place finger on the finger print module it accesses it and compares it with the remote fingerprint server, if it matches, it will automatically generates every time different 4-digit code as a message to the mobile of the authorized customer through GSM modem connected to the microcontroller, the customer can now use the generated 4-digit code to access his account.
In the conventional system of personal authentication, there is an increase use of counterfeit ATM cards, the problem of ID theft and anybody that has the idea of your secret code number can steal your ATM card and access your account. Personal authentication technique based on fingerprint is well suited to be applied to any access control system requiring a high level of security.
Biometric recognition is a common and reliable way to authenticate the identity of a living person based on physiological or behavioral characteristics. In this system, there is a module that will collect customers’ finger print and customers’ phone number and store them in a centralized database.
There is a module that will forward 4-digit number to the mobile phone of the customer when the finger print reading matches. There is a module that allows the customer to run his transaction after the system accepts the code generated.
There is a platform that will be able to analyze biometric data in the global image analysis. The system is implemented using MySql for the database and Visual Basic 6.0 for the front end.

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