Online Class and Exam Scheduling System (PHP)

This system is intended to create and easily manage the class and examination schedule of an institution using PHP and Mysqli. Easily tracking of conflicts on the teacher, students and room schedule will be detected by the system to avoid redundancy and inconsistency. This will greatly ease the persons-in-charge's responsibilities in doing schedules every start of semester and examination.
The following are the features of the Online Scheduling System :
  • Manage Class Schedules
  • Manage Examination Schedules
  • Manage Class, Rooms, Subject, Teacher, Signatories
  • Manage Department, Designation, Program, Rank and Salutation
  • Print Class Schedules by Teacher, Class and Room
  • Print Examination Schedules by Proctor, Class and Room
Default username and password are as follows :
Username : admin
Password : admin
Database file location : dist/db/scheduling.sql
Database Name : scheduling
Username : root
Password : l3ading
Hope this sourcecode will help you out in your projects or even in your thesis! Goodluck!

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