Cindy Restaurant System (C#)

Cindy Restaurant is an super advanced point-of-sale system, this desktop restaurant application has a wide range of features that makes restaurant operations very easy and enjoyable This is develop with C# as the front end and MSSQL server 2012 as the back end. Lets walk through some features this app possesses:


The app contains serveral registration forms that helps to identifies some important operations from:
  1. Employee registration
  2. Users Registration
  3. Currency Registration
  4. Electronic currency Registration
  5. Menu Groupings Reistration
  6. Menu Registration
  7. auto Kot generation
  8. auto employee id generation
  9. Voiding payment Type
  10. Search Engine for both menu item, employees, sales and the likes

Tracking :

Login History
This feature allows administrators track the daily usage of the app, - who is logged in or out as well as date and time ins and outs

Order Information
This feature is able to identify the guests that walks into the restaurant,such as how many they were, which table they used as well as who served the guest.

Net Sales
This form is ideal for taking track of your net sales by carefully and automatically subtracting your tax from the menu purchase.

Tax Sales
This feature handles the tax from the menu item purchased without you manually calculating how much your tax amount to for the month
Modification Of Item/Price
Sometimes you might wish to modify the price or menu name whilst selling the products, there is a feature in the order form called modify which makes a selected item to be modified

This is a feature that lets chefs/managers/users to freeze an item that are out of stock or no longer sold, this is done by carefully attaching a reason why the
selected item is freeze, when a waiter clicks on the freezed item while placing orders he/she is prompted with an information that such item is frozen with the reason you have attached to it.

Cashier Closing Report
This helps to summarize your daily sales by distinguishing your cash made and Electronic payment received and summing them up for you.

Easy Login
Once you have been registered as a user of the app, logging in becomes easy and secure, users only have to select their name from the drop-down menu and just key in
their password, If such a person is an administrator the app identify you instantly and assigns to you all the benefits of an administrator and vice versa if otherwise.

The app is also able to perform the necessary update on anytime or persons, Exchange rate as mentioned but few.
Within the zipped folder is a documentation of how the app works.
This app is given out for free and is intended to teach upcoming developers some of the techniques in coding.

Login Details :

Username: Wendel Philippian
Password: Admin
Username: Wilson deGreat
Password: wilson
Username: Abigail Abernache
Password: abigail
Please the connection string is in the class folder, within it is a class file called clsInsert and within this class file is a class variable called dbPath which contains the connection string, please after attaching the database,replace the connection string with your connection string generated.

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