Bakery Online Ordering System (PHP)

Bakery Online Ordering System is designed for a small bakeshop business. The main purpose of this Bakery Online Ordering System is to make the ordering transaction fast with accuracy, to keep and secure the order records, to avoid delay of pick up of the ordered products and most especially, is to promote the products. The following are the company’s goal in reaching the best service they can give to their valued customers.

Below are the following Features of the system:

 Admin Side
  • Products (Add, List, View, Update, Change Photo)
  • Orders (Confirm, Cancel)
  • Category (Add, Update, List)
  • Manage Users (Add, List Update)
  • Reports
  • Login and Logout
Customer Side
  • Home
  • Menu (List Products)
  • Customer Care
  • About
  • Cart
  • Categories
  • Place Order
  • Signup
  • Order Details
  • Customer Profile
  • Login and Logout

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