Tenant Directory Management System (PHP)

The Tenant Directory Management System has 4 major functions:
It has a directory page wherein a color-coded map is displayed. This map shows occupied stall of VCC in green color while the vacant stalls are in red color.
The TDMS also records the monthly payments of each respective tenant and automatically calculates the remaining balance for the particular month. It also allows the admin to update active and inactive tenants of the building.
The system generates several reports such as the active and inactive tenants, the tenants previous and current stall location and the monthly lease payments and electric consumption.
Activity log is also established to track all the transactions made by the user.
The following are the modules included in this system:
  • Directory
    • Ground Floor
    • Second Floor
    • Wet Market

  • Tenants

  • Change Tenants Location

  • Stalls

  • Payments
    • Lease Payments
    • Electric Consumption Bills

  • Activity Logs

  • Reports
    • Active Tenants
    • Inactive Tenants
    • Electric Consumption
    • Lease Payments
    • Tenants Location
    • Electric Graphical Reports


  1. Extract the files into you htdocs folder (if you’re using XAMPP).
  2. Create a database called “vccdms” and import the file named “vccdms.sql” under the root directory.
Account Info
User: admin
Pass: admin

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