Sales and Inventory System with Credit Management (PHP)

This is an advanced Sales and Inventory System programmed using PHP. The PHP extension used is MySQLi.

Here’s the list of features on this system:

  • Purchase
  • Stockin
  • Payment
  • Credit
  • Products
  • History Log
  • Reorder Level

  • Maintenance
    • Category
    • Customer
    • Credit Applicants
    • Product
    • Supplier

  • Reports
    • Inventory Report
    • Sales Report
    • Account Receivables
    • Branch Income
    • Purchase Request
This system is also designed to make it user friendly. We’re using Twitter Bootstrap.
You can modify the program as long as you give credit to the original author.
Import the database named inventory using phpMyAdmin. The file is located under backup folder.

Account info

User: admin
pass: admin

For admin, access it like http://localhost/ahira/admin
user: administrator
pass: admin
Happy coding!

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