School PRO Software (C#)

It’s an advanced School Management System Project written in C#.Net 4.0 as front end and SQL Server 2008as Back end.

Main Features are:

Master Entry :
School Types Entry
School Entry
Class Type Entry
Class Entry
Section Entry
Class Sections Entry
Sessions Entry
Employees Department Entry
Designations Entry
Fee Types Entry
School Fees Entry
Bus Entry
Location Entry
Bus Intallments Entry
Hostel Entry
Hostel Installments
Grading Levels Entry
Exams Entry
Book Suppliers Entry
Books Classifications Entry
Books Category Entry
Books Sub Category Entry
Books Entry
Book Suppliers Entry
Journal's and Magazines Entry
Student Documents Entry

Student Registrations
Student Discounts Entry
Student Hostelers Entry
Students BusHolder Entry
Students Attendance Entry
Student's Class Promotions Entry

Employee Bus Holders
Employee Discount's
Employee Attendance
Employee Salary Payments
Employee Salary Payment Attractive Receipts

Books Fine Setting
Books Reservations
Books Issue
Books Return
Journal and Magazines Billings 

Exam Schedule
Final Marks Entry
Mark sheets Printing
Grade Sheets Printing
Marks Ledger

School Fees Payment
Bus Fees Payment By Students
Bus Fees Payment By Staff
Hostel Fees Payment
Fees Payment Attractive Receipts

Bar code Generators:
Random Bar code Generator
Books Bar code Generator

Reports (Using Crystal Report)
Student Report
Employee Report
Books Reservations Report

Fees Due List Reports :-
School Fees
Bus Fees
Hostel Fees
Books Issue Report Students
Books Issue Report Staff
Books Fine Collection From Student
Books Fine Collection From Staff
Bus Fees Payment Report
Salary Report
Student Marks Report
Student Grade Report
Identity Cards of Students

Advance Record Searching:
Student List
Employee List
Hostellers List
Books List
Books Issue
Book Return List
Fees Due List For :-
School Fees
Bus Fees
Hostel Fees
School Fees Payment List
Salary Payment Records
Hostel Fees Payment List
Bus Fees Payment List Student's
Bus Fees Payment List Staff's
Employee Advance Payment List
Employee Salary Payment List
Books Suppliers List
Books Reservations List of Staff
Books Issued List of Students
Books Issued List of Staff
Books Return List of Students
Books Return List of Staff
Subjects List
Exam Schedule List
Result List

Other Features:
Power Full User Rights Management System
SMS Feature is Available
Email Feature
Logs maintain facility
Database Backup option
Database Recovery option
Change Password
Password Recovery

Login Information:
For Admin:
User Type - Admin
User Name - admin
Password - 12345

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