Expense Management Plus Accounting Software (C#)


Complete expense management system developed in C#.net. Full managed database included primary and foreign keys. script included in project. Some main features are:

1. Admin & Employee Login separate features.
2. Company setup information for printing at the end of reports and invoices
3. Manages personal expense also (with reports)
4. Stock management system (complete user error free intelligence programming that avoids user error while using software)
5. Creates, Manage and delete stock perfectly
6. Flexible categories of Expense. categories can be created and updated at any time (full flexible categories that change everywhere with full functioning.
7. Easiest DBConnection with SqlServer.
8. Complete User Password security with Password Encryption & Decryption.
9. Creates different types of clients with complete information PLUS Scanned Aggreement and CNIC Scanned copy also
10. Prints Invoice after every Expense Created.
11. Receives Payments from Clients and Manages Balance.
12.Generate All Expense Categories Grand Expense and Generate Reports
13. Create More than one type of expense (also create expense that don;t affect clients Account but admin Profit account )
14. Complete Payroll (Employee salary system) with all type of reports
15. View and track all expense and print slip at any time by One Click.
16. Upload and Download all type of image files or scanned copy of slip too.
17. download images to computer desktop and print
18. Creates and Manage Pending payments (advance) and generate reports and print slips every time transaction made.
19. Creates Services account in which pays money to Business partners and Track it with Reports and Flexible Parameters.
20. 10 types of flexible reports.
Note: database has .sqlexpress connection, you can change it easily in App.Config
Database script included in project.

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