Library System with OPAC (PHP)

Hello guys if you are looking for Library System with OPAC I have here a Library System with OPAC in PHP and Mysql as a database. And has an excellent graphical user interface and user friendly environment. The application handles the book library transactions in an efficient way. I propose this system last year in DHGGMHS for a survey of my system for more information to make it more functionally and better.
The features of this system are the following:
  • Add, Edit, Reserve, Borrow, Return and Delete Books
  • Add Category, Add User, and it has a Penalty to be added
This system includes reporting of all books recorded, books reserved, books borrowed, past due books and penalties using Data Report. The feature of this system includes user maintenance and borrower's information, transactions such as adding new books, borrowing books and returning books.

Account information:
username: admin
password: password

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