Aplaya Beach Resort Online Reservation System (PHP)

This system is made of PHP, MySQL Database and Bootstrap Templates which entitledAplaya's Beach Resort Online Reservation System. Even you are from a far who loved to visit Aplaya's Beach Resort because of their great amenities. With this system, you can view the rooms and book /reserve a room anytime as long as you have laptop or computer with you with an internet connection. This system also contains user-friendly features for smooth reservation transactions and it's hassle free.

These are the list of features:

Admin Side


  • adding
  • Updating
  • listing

Type of Rooms

  • adding
  • Updating
  • Listing


  • Confirming
  • Cancellation
  • Guest Reserve Rooms


  • Inventory
  • Statistic

Manage User

  • adding
  • Updating
  • Listing

Public Side

  • Veiw Rooms
  • Reservation of Rooms
  • Book a Room
  • Login and logout

You can access this system using the following accounts:

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