Cab Management System (Asp.Net)

Cab Management System, also titled “Cab Service Management System” or “Cool Cab Services”, is a web-based application useful for car travel agencies for handling office works. Implemented using ASP.NET and SQL server, this project aims at managing overall car services by handling finance, human resource, maintenance and movement in addition to details of customers, employees, payment and cabs.

The complete source code, project synopsis, database, screenshots, and other necessary project files of this project are available in the download link. Detailed project report, documentation, and ppt are not available at the moment, so refer the description below as a general abstract of this project.

Cab Management System Project Abstract:

Car and bus travel agencies need an effective management platform for handling their respective transportation services. The existing system relies on manual data recording for management which is very tedious and time consuming, involving a lot of manpower and paper work. So, the current system need to be computerized and web-based.
The proposed cab service management system is a web-based application which can handle a variety of branches and departmental works of a typical car agency. In case of car rental services, this sort of system stands out as trustworthy and reliable in the travel business.
This project aims at offering the best of car services to clients in need. It has a fleet of cars ranging from normal budget cabs to expensive luxury cars. A good feature of a web-based system such as this is that it offers online cab hire for corporate houses. This makes the overall car service work easily accessible for all and reliable as well.

Modules Overview and Functionality:

Cab management system is a five-modules project; each module is assigned with different functionality, access, and permission. Here’s a brief introduction to each module:
Admin: Administrator or admin has total control over the application. They can add managers of any kind, set up their profiles, and add, delete, or modify manager records. They can have an overview of all managers from different locations and directly communicate with them. Admin is required to log in to the system with a unique user id consisting of username and password.
Finance: All works under this module are handled by finance manager. They can modify personal settings like passwords, update profiles, and update vehicle billing details to the system database. Via “vendor billing” form under this module, vendor and respective payment details are updated to the database.
Human Resource: This module is handle by human resource manager and is used for managing employee related tasks. The main forms in this module are:
  • Employee details: add, modify, and delete employee details, registration of employees.
  • Shift scheduler: manage everyday plan for employee.
  • Batch information: employees are divided into batches and routes.
Travel: This module is maintained by travel manager who is assigned with the task of looking after routes, batches, and employees assigned to that route with details such as date and timing. The main forms in this module are city (information or route and places), shift details of each drive, and search. With the search form, users can search for different routes for different places and find out the corresponding distance and cost.
Maintenance: This main function of this module is to look after vehicle maintenance such as spare parts, vehicle allocation, etc. This module is handled by a maintenance manager and they can perform tasks such as add, modify, and delete vendor details and update these to the database. The manager can view details of vehicle as well as the driver.

System Requirements:

Hardware Specification:
  • Minimum PIV 2.8 GHz Processor
  • Minimum RAM 512MB
  • Minimum HDD 20 GB Hard Disk Space
Software Specification:
  • WINDOWS OS (XP / 2000 / 2003 Server)
  • Visual Studio .Net 2005 Enterprise Edition
  • Visual Studio .Net Framework (Minimal for Deployment)
  • SQL Server 2000/2005
Cab service management system is a very effective, efficient, reliable and economic web application from all aspects. It fulfills all the current needs of a client when it comes to car rental services. The proposed project is very flexible, so new features and modules can be added in the future as per user requirements.

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