Advanced Banking System (C++)

Admin and Banker side has different roles to play.
The admin can perform the following roles.
1. Login with the right admin name and password
2. Create a new account
3. Search for a specific account
4. View all accounts in the database/ file
5. Modify/ Edit a particular account
6. Erase or terminate an account
7. Log out of the system

And the Banker can perform the following actions:-
1. Login with the right/ registered account number
2. Read the About us info
3. Deposit money into his/ her account
4. Balance enquiry on a banker’s account
5. Withdraw money from his/ her account
6. Logout of the system if he/ she wishes so

As u will see when u run the system and also go thru the code.

Login Details
1. Admin name: admin
2. Admin Password: 123

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