Voting System (Core Java)

Need For the System
It was decided to Computerize the System in order to overcome the following problems:-
To increase the Voting Percentage.
To make Voter easy to Vote from anywhere.
Time Wastage.
To avoid thing like Booth Capturing.

Scope of the System
The Scope of the System is as Follows: 
Voter can Vote from any where for his/her Constituency.
Vote count will make easy and fast.
No any Vote will be rejected. 
Goals of the System
Goals of the System are as Follows:
It Maintains all The Information of all the Candidates and Votes.
It checks Voter have Voted or Not.
You can see All the Information Related to any Voting System Online.
 It Increase the Voting Percentage.
 Finally It makes Easy Voting by Avoiding problems like
      Booth capturing.

The actual purpose of going for this system is to make the organizational process to get speed up. 

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