Human Resources Information System (VB)

Human Resources Information System written under VB6 which aims to help beginners to understand basic CRUD operations, recordset pagination and basic SQL statements.
Some of the features of the complete application are as follows;
• Manage employees information ( CRUD)
• Configurable employee's default income and deductions
• Employee Information 201 - File
• Employee Schedule Filing
• Employee Day-OFF Filing
• Employee LEAVE Filing
• Employee Over-Time Filing
• Employee Time Shifting Filing
• Employee Under Time Filing
• Employee DTR
• Daily Time Record
• Holiday Posting
• Department File
• Overtime Rate Factor
• Loan Management
• Tax-Table File
• SSS Table File
• Generate Payroll (AUTOMATIC) with batch payroll processing
• Time record entry
• Update Payroll
• Pay Slip (YTD)
For the activex and executable files:
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