ebilling and invoice system (VB)


This project is made for one of the big decorator services in Mumbai, they supply decorating item to film industry for movie shooting. Presently they issue their client handwritten invoice and they enter details in manual register. And maintain MS Excel file for product rate. They want computerization of their manual invoice and bill generation process.
When we first meet with the customer we find.
1. They are not expertise in computer operation
2. They are used to MS Excel, grid like entry
3. Presently they are maintaining their products list in MS Excel, they want this data should be imported in new software
4. They want very fast processing of bill
5. As they are catering service to the film industry and their customer are high profile. They are very strict in bill correctness, so there is no margin of error.
6. They have 3 pc in their office running WinXP home edition.
7. They are using P-IV 3 GHZ, 160 GB HDD, 512 MB RAM in their PCs
8. They are very strict of software licensing.
9. They are very strict on software completion time and they want it should complete before the deadline.
10.They want every report should be Export in MS Excel
11. All report should be printed in DOS-Matrix and Ink Jet Printer.
12. Only Accountant and his team should have permission to use the software.
13. For future modification of any master should be done by customer only.
14. Backup of the main database should be done by the software.
15. They have 3 different company names, software should have option to select the company name while entering bill and generate reports, and should option to add future company.
16. Each customer can hire multiple products.
17. Maximum number of products in a bill is 10.
18.While entering bill, client name should come automatically for previously created bill.
19. Bill/invoice should print net amount in words automatically.
20. The CST/VAT tax stamp should print in bill invoice and they want software should have an option to change the text if Income Tax department change the stamp.

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