Automatic Shop Controlling System (Java)


Now-a-days most of the shop in the world controlled by software.By using such type of software/project shopkeeper can control his/her shop automatically and easily.
Project on an Automatic Shop Controlling System(P.A.S.C.S) is type of project which is made by me.In this project as programming language i have used java, as database i have used MySQL and as IDE i have used Netbeans7.4. By using this project user can control his/her shop easily and automatically.
Main Features:
1.User can access by using login system.
2.User can change password.
3.User can purchase product easily.
4.User can add new product easily.
5.User can get product lists easily.
6.User can purchase product easily.
7.User can sale product easily.
8.User can sale product update/delete easily.
9.User can get total product price automatically.
10.User can get amount of product and get average price easily.
11.User can get sale information on specific date easily and so on.
I hope this project will help you think in advanced and you can use this project as your final year project or thesis.

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