Advance Online Voting System (PHP)


Online voting system facilities users to vote in different languages. Users can commit their votes by selecting their understandable language to commit vote. This will make voting easy for people from different regions. User can commit votes from rural areas by Televoting. Televoting, telephone voting or phone voting is a method of decision making and opinion polling conducted by telephone. Televoting can also extend to voting by SMS text message via a mobile cell phone. Televoting involves broadcasters providing an audience with different telephone numbers associated with contestants participating; the outcome is decided by the number of calls to each line. The results of televoting will be accessed in database. Absentee voting refers to registered voters who cannot make it to the polls on Election Day because of occupation, business, studies, travel, imprisonment (other than a convicted felon), illness, disability and hospitalization or resident in a long term care facility, may vote by absentee ballot. 

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