The current ICICI Bank Management System requires large data handling.  And it is tedious to handling manually.  Maintaining the details of all information is tedious job.  The basic motive of this project is to formulate a design, which resembles the current manual system, and to do certain simplification and modification based on my own hypothesis.
          In this application we can quickly access information. We atomize the manual process, which is very tedious to maintain.  It is also possible to update information automatically after any transaction, which is performed.Hardware and Software Requirement.The package is to be designed for windows to be used on IBM and compatible clones. The only support is the VGA display card and machine should have Windows 98, 2000 or higher versions. The front-end toll chosen is Microsoft Visual Basic and back end database is managed by Microsoft-Access.

Following are the basic system configuration requirement namely,

·         486 DX2 or high processor
·         At least 16 MB RAM of memory.
·         Super VGA display system, 256 colors or more
·         Windows 98 2000 or higher version
·         Digitizers e.g. mouse About Visual Basic 6.0.

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