Spring in Action 2nd Edition

The Spring Framework was created with a very specific goal in mind—to make
developing JEE applications easier. Along the same lines, Spring in Action was written
to make learning how to use Spring easier. My goal is not to give you a blow-byblow
listing of Spring APIs. Instead, I hope to present the Spring Framework in a
way that is most relevant to a JEE developer by providing practical code examples
from real-world experiences.
Since Spring is a modular framework, this book was written in the same way. I
recognize that not all developers have the same needs. Some may want to learn
the Spring Framework from the ground up, while others may want to pick and
choose different topics and go at their own pace. That way, the book can act as a
tool for learning Spring for the first time as well as a guide and reference for those
wanting to dig deeper into specific features.


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