Shubhamilan matrimonial website (Docs)

Online Matrimonial Application System is in the process of interconnecting all the branches and to develop a custom made software which covers functions like matrimonial management and processing of a matrimonial agency. The system not only takes care of registration but also contemplate on workflow, customer service, customer history, employee history (both work history and payment history) and near paperless operation. The online matrimonial application system provide services like user can create his/her new profile by entering the basic but mandatory details, After creating a profile user can login with email id and password which was mentioned while creating profile and update profile accordingly, User can also search for profile depending on the criteria he/she selected and user can also upgrade the profile may be diamond, gold, silver or free membership. This matrimonial site is the combination of different modules described in proposed system. It also can be used from a PC browser. It would leverage the current trend of the masses to be in touch, share & interact. This is web based project thus user can access from any where in the world having the access to the internet.


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