Offline Examiner (Vb)


Offline examiner is a real time project. The project will be implemented using VB. The aim of the project is to allow teachers to conduct examinations to the students. There are many unique features in the project. The students are not allowed to go back to the previous question once they click the next question. This option is up to the teachers to decide the teachers can either enable such an option or disable the option. The teachers are also given option to set the time limit of the exam. When the students start their exam, after the allotted time, the exam automatically ends and a grade sheet is printed to the students. The exams can be of single choice or multiple choices and this also the teachers can make the decision.
                        Another important feature of the project is that the students are not allowed to take the screen shot of the questions as a matter of security, if students try for such a malpractice an alarm is raised in the examination hall. Various types of reports can be generated both for the teachers as well as the administrators.

            The software will be used by three different types of users namely
1.      Students
2.      Staffs
3.      Administrators
           The examination can be conducted in any number of systems in the same lab, so that students of the same batch can do the
examinations at the same time. The questions will be issued to the students as per the order of the computer i.e. questions will be randomly displayed to the students.

Some of the modules that will be used in the project are:
 Teachers can add new questions to the exam paper
       In this software the teachers can add questions to the question set. The questions are stored in the database. The data base is resides on the server and the terminals can access the database and conduct the exam using the stored questions. Teachers of each subject add the respected question papers with the question set number and the question number. The mark and time for each question is also set by the teachers.  Teachers have to manually enter the questions.

Teachers can set the duration of the exam
    The examination duration is also set by the teachers. After the specific time the answers are submitted to the database via the network and we cannot answer any questions after the submission.  The duration for each exam is varied depends on the type of the examination and the type of the subject. There are timers also for control the time duration of the examination.

Students attend the exam
     Students can attend the examination with the login username and the password. The username and password is given by the administrator. The authentication of the software is done using the username and password. The username and password is passing through the network to the server system and the authorization is done on that system. Each student can

attend the exam for 3 time with the given user name and password. After that they have to re-register to attend the exam.

Administrators can generate various types of reports
     In this software administrator has the power to conduct the examination and he can view the various reports like the result and the list of the passed students, the list of students apply for the examination and the list of student who attend the examination etc. He can get the report of the whole examination and the percentage of mark obtained by each student. And also he can calculate number of students passed for a particular exam in a class.

Administrators can enable security settings.
        Administrator has the control over the software and the entire system. Administrator can add new user (teachers) and can give user name and password.  Administrator gives the username and password to the registered students and the student can login to the system only giving the username and password. The administrator give security like students cannot take the screenshots of the examination screen, cannot write exam after the specific time, cannot answer for a previous question and cannot change the already answered question. After the specified time the answers are submitted to the server automatically.

Print out of the grade sheet is issued when the student completes the exam, or when the duration is finished

     After the completion of the examination the answers are submitted for further process. The answers are compared with the database and the grade

for the students is calculated after result comparison. The students can view and take printouts as mark sheet or score sheets using the software. If any printer is connected with the system using software we can take the printouts and this is the official score sheets for the students.

Students can view their past exam history

      Students have the advantage that they can view the history of the examination they wrote. They can then analyze the answers and thus find the errors they done. The history of the examinations are stored on the server so the administrator or the students can take the reports as hardcopy any time.   

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