MSEB Employee System (VB)


Every enterprise or organization comprises many employees and it is

mandatory that the company or a particular organization should have a

detailed information about the employees and his related information it  

should keep the records of that employees that when he joins the company,  

in which department the employee is working, what his post, the

qualification of  particular employee etc.

     The MAHAGENCO EMPLOYEE SYSTEM will help the Maharashtra

Power Generation Limited by doing all the above described tasks within

very little time. This software is developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0.

M.S. ACCESS 2000. This software is designed for the operator who keeps

the records of all the employees who are working in Maharashtra Power

Generation Limited.

Some of the main features of the Mahagenco employee system are as


·        User can enter new employee details which is directly stored in database which can be edited if in case of any change is required.

·        Quick searching facility in order to search a particular employee and his information.
·        Help manual in order to quick help or reference required for the operator while using the software.

·        Reports can be obtained of available employees along with their information.

·        Specially designed for the Mahagenco i.e. Maharashtra Power generation limited along with almost detail information of the different posts and positions of employees and their departments where they are working for.

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