LGI Monitoring System (Docs)

The project is windows based one. The main idea of this project is to handle the all details of Loans, Grants-in-Aid and Investments. The project has been developed to smoothen the processing of Loans and Grants-in-Aid cases in the Ministry of Finance. The purpose of the project is computerized processing of cases in systematic manner from filling of sanctions details and their report generation for RBI (New Delhi and CAS Nagpur). Managing hundreds of thousands of LGI records is many a times a forgetful and haphazard process. Also maintaining the LGI details histories and previous records of various cases on paper or traditional diaries is incompatible with this age of machines and computers.
This software will enable an individual person who is authorized to keep track all the information which is filled. This software is passed through from three phases.  In this software first DH level user will fill the sanctions details and then it will be pass to AAO for the further modification and for the security purpose. After AAO level these details will passed to PAO level for the further modifications. When these details will be passed through then the report will be generated and this report will be passed to RBI. This software system will help in automating all the processes like filling of Loans, Grants and Investments details or application will now be computerized.

Hardware Specification: Pentium IV Processor, 256 MB RAM, 20 GB HDD
Operating System: Windows XP

Tools and Technology Used: Vb.Net 8.0 and Crystal Reports, SQL Server2000


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