Airline Reservation (Docs)

The aim of this software is to develop a systematic analysis of the procedure involvedin the
reservation of ticket for railway travel. This should be used in an effective way so that various
advantages are obtained from the software. Software means establishment of sound and in-depth
development of a task using high-level language that results in well-equipped, economical
software, which is reliable. The introduction may be divided into various steps based on the
developer and also depending upon the operation to be performed using the particular software.
The “AIRLINE RESERVATION SYSTEM” undertakes as a project I based on relevant
technologies. The main aim of this project is to develop the software for the process of reserving
airway ticket should lead to increased efficiency and reduced drawbacks which were present in
 the previous procedure of airline reservation. The software should be, error controlled both
logically as well as in syntactic manner. The features deal with the different operations involved
in the process of AIRLINE RESERVATION. Business people don’t have any planned air travel.
They just receive the invitation for some international exhibition at the last minute, which they
should or can attend to improve their ability both in the skilled manpower and also in the
machinery importing. Tickets can now be booked online.
Some agents or the organization with the idea of eyeing increased profit through the extra taxes

for the comfort they give to buy the ticket just by a single click of the mouse.


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