Product Perspective

This project is based on a ice cream parlour that provides yummy flavored ice-creams under the brand “Naturals Ice-Cream Parlour”. This application is a whole new product for the parlour which helps to maintain the parlour database. As per now this application is developed on a small scale enough to handle the parlour requirements

Product Features

The major feature of the application is providing the user a user friendly interface that helps to insert, update, delete and save records. For example the user can view all the records inserted in the database by just clicking the combo box and selecting ‘View All’ and then just by clicking on the search command all the information will be retrieved from the database.

User Classes and Characteristics

There are basically two users who will use this product.
1. Administrator
2. Guest
The administrator will have the rights to access any content of the database he wishes. The administrator can Insert, Update, Delete, and View records.
The guest can view the billing information as well as each and every data report.

Operating Environment

Windows XP
Windows 98\2000

User Documentation

Along with the system nothing else other than the SRS (Software Requirement Specification) will be handed over to the user.

Assumptions and Dependencies

The system is restricted to a single Ice cream parlour database system. Hence this is one of the factors that is to be assumed before starting the system. Also that the parlour is well equipped with the software and hardware requirements that are necessary to initiate the system. Also a technical expert must be present to run the entire software.


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