Frame Grabber (Docs)

This being Multimedia Application deals with Video’s and Images.
“JV-Image Grabber” stands for Java Video-Image Grabber.
As the name suggests, this project is used to extract (grab) images from video.
Images can be extracted from any type of video provided that video stream is supported by
your operating system. It allows you play a particular video and select a particular image
and save it in any image format.
This project is developed using Java and JMF (Java Media Framework). Using
java allows us more flexibility as java is Platform and O.S. independent language. JMF
provides us with packages that allow us to play videos and grab frames.
Pictures are kept to share special moments of life with others. They relive our
memories, backtrack those days and put smile on our face. Every time we cannot carry
camera or capture images at right or every moment. Video capturing can be use for this. The
captured videos are stored in computer.
“JV-Image Grabber” plays these videos and at the same time we can capture
every required Image.

These Images can be saved in any formats.


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