Redwing Placement (Asp.Net)


 qIntroduction of the Project
The project is all about the development of a working system for a placement   agency. It includes a job portal for candidates and database for the employees of the Redwing Placement.
Redwing placement is a job portal like and where job seekers can post their resumes, manage profiles and search for a job apply for a job. Employer post their requirement, searching for the candidates and matches the requirement .Job recruiters match job seeker profile to employer requirement and send message to the job seeker.
The project also includes the details of the placement and their client.
qObjective of the Project
The project aim is to develop a web-based portal for the candidates and a database of resumes with easy search option for the employer of Redwing.
qThe Existing System
The existing work of redwing Placement agency is partial manual .
It can be roughly described with the following points.
The manual system work as follow job seeker s moves to Redwing placement office and fills up the registration form, the data kept in common files so for any requirement the employees go through every files.
The automated system include a website i.e. and desktop application i.e. talent scout for C.V storage and for search. The employees hardly use the application .They store the C.V from the candidate into different folders with different name and category so for any requirement the employees has to go through the every folder for a requirement.


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