File Splitter (Docs)

"Size Does Matter." It's a slogan, but it also applies to today's computing industry. Audio files, video files, zip files, main memory, hard drives, everything keeps getting bigger and bigger. It's not uncommon now for media and data files to tip the scales at 100 megabytes or more. Some files are over 1 gigabyte in size! At the same time, computer users need to transfer or store these files on CDs, DVDs, high-capacity floppies, portable flash media, or by email. While file sizes seem to be heading toward the infinite, file transfer and storage methods will always be finite.
Mail services have a limit on the size of messages which may be sent and received, this limit may restrict the size of files attached. Messages of excessive size will usually be returned to the sender as undeliverable. This usually happens to attachments with a total size of above 10 MB. As a result of this and due to other performance problems user cannot send a large file as attachment through mail services.
“FileSplitter” is a Java based tool for making  distribution of files easier in removable media like floppies, Compact Disc,ZIP drives etc .It can split a large file that cannot fit into a single floppy ,Compact Disk(CD) or other media to one or more file fragments that can easily or perfectly fit into them. It is also possible to merge the splitted fragments back on destination machine using the same utility.        
 "FileSplitter" splits a big file into many small file fragments, and merges them again into original file. This utility splits any type of file eg.ZIP,MPG,MP3 etc.The program is about 54 KB and written in pure Java which means that  we can use it with any operating system with JRE. There is no installation and no setup, just copy it and start it. "FileSplitter" is the perfect solution if you need to transfer big file on Floppydisks,CD or any removable media or to send a large file as an attachment through mail.

Using this utility sender can also send a message along with the split files. There is an option to encrypt the message, so that the message is sent in encrypted format. The receiver can decrypt the message and view it. The main advantage of using FileSplitter is that it gives you complete platform independence. For example, You may split your files under windows and join these splitted files under Linux using a very easy to use Merge Utility .


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