Account Management


Project Name: Account Management
Problem Definition:
Understanding the problem in the existing system & finding requested solution is the most important activity while planning the project. Hence the developing a new system we must get through problem associated with the current system.
In the old system, the user was maintaining the records like tender, quotation, order, challan and bill in the paper sheets.
Hence it was very difficult for him to keep track which tender has been passed, what is the quotation, etc.
Searching Problem:  Searching is very difficult in file.
Accessing, Deleting and Adding Problems as the user has to do it manually.
The retrieval of data is time consuming, as the user has to search the whole file even for a single data.
For updating record the user has to search particular record first and do the updates which are time consuming which was a big problem.
The data that has to be deleted should also be crosschecked as it might lead to missing data.
Hence to overcome this problem, we have developed Project and timesheet management system.

Objective and Scope of the project:-
Our main aim of the project is to get the correct information about a particular client and to reduce human efforts.
The user can maintain all the records about tender, quotation, order, challan and bill and save it in the database.
The user can also maintain the record of his client.
The user can easily insert and retrieve the record without any training.
The searching is made easy. The user can search the record by date, client name, record number, etc. 
In this we have used crystal report for business objects as per the client’s requirement. In crystal report the user see the information about the particular client and the requirement of the client.

Hardware/Software Requirements:-
Processor Type
Intel Pentium III 733 MHz or Higher.
System RAM
256MB Minimum
Storage Device
40 GB HDD Minimum

Hardware/Software to be used:-                                                    
Operating System
Microsoft Windows XP
Front End
Visual studio 2005
Back End        

The “ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” process made computerized to reduce human errors and to increase the efficiency. The main focus of this project is to lessen human efforts. The maintenance of the records is made efficient, as all the records are stored in the SQL database, through which data can be retrieved easily. The navigation control is provided in all the forms to navigate through the large amount of records. If the numbers of records are very large then user has to just type in the search string and user gets the results immediately. The editing is also made simpler. The user has to just type in the required field and press the update button to update the desired field.


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