Corporate Management Recruitment System (Asp.NET)

Corporate Recruitment System (CRS) is web-based tool to reduce communication gap between Job providers and Job seekers.

            The Main objective of this solution is to make easy the recruitment process of any organization. This CRS is designed by keeping in mind both parties Job providers and Job seekers. CRS allows Job seekers to register their details like skills and experience with the system, and then on the other hand even it allows job providers to post their requirements with the system.

            Corporate Recruitment Management system is helpful for the job providers i.e. companies which are in need of employees, job seekers who are in need of job, (for both Exp and freshers).  This portals main aim is to provide the vacancies available for the job seekers without taking any charge from them in IT technologies.CRS will automatically send mails to all job seekers whose skills are matched with the requirement.

Features :

  • This project can be used very easily in the process of decision making in new recruitments.
  • Effective way of providing communication between job providers and job seekers.
  • Reliable and consistent way of searching jobs.
  • Conducting secured and restricted online exam for screened employees.
Sending Email notification to all job seekers

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  1. This system is great for companies! I recommend to try it in work.
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