Airport Chauffers system (Asp.Net)


Airport Chauffers system provides the mechanism of booking cabs along with air ticket reservation. This system is designed to help wide range of customers and Travel Agencies registered to them. Its main functionality will help the agencies expand their horizons in the field of providing service to the customers. There are not much service providers who provide both air and cab reservation. Customer needs to  look for more than one providers or agencies to book their tickets & cabs. Inconvenience is caused to the travelers to deal with more than one provider for a single trip. Air reservation and cab reservation can be done in a single step. Customers can book their ticket and cab from the proposed website. When the customer books the air ticket they are provided with an option for cab reservation. If the customer is interested the system will list the cabs available to the preferred destination along with the fare. Report Generation is done by the admin

1.       Registration
2.       Air Reservation & Cancellation
3.       Cab Reservation & Cancellation
4.       Website Administration
5.       Report Generation

The scope of the proposed system is outlined in terms of input and output of the system.

List of inputs:--
           • User id of customer, travel agency and administrator.
           • Details the information of customer, travel agency for registration.
           • searching the availability of tickets.
           • Edit information for editing.
           • Cab information for booking cabs. 

       The system will possess the input supplied in accordance with the rule and formats required and will generate the following outputs.

List of outputs:-
         • User ID, password, personal details of user’s.
         • search results of search.
         • Sending Mails automatically to travel agencies whose request has been accepted .

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