Training and Placement System (Java)


Training and placement system developed by me in Java Netbeans 7.3.1 + MS Access 2010 for the engineering students thesis submission in java.
This project is very useful for beginners who wanna learn database programming in java...........
Main Features are :
1. Course Entry
2. Companies Entry
3. Students
3.1. Profile Entry
3.2. Training
3.3. Placements
4. Reports
4.1. Students Training
4.2. Students Placement
5. New user Registration and Change Password facility is available
Login Information :
Username- admin
Password- 12345.
in order to run the project,
You must have to first connect your database to the DataSources(ODBC)
1.Open Control Panel
2 Click Administrative Tools
3.Open DataSources(ODBC)
4.Click the Add button the select Microsoft Access Driver(*mdb,*accdb) the click Finish
5.On the Dialog window, fill the Data Source Name field with the name of the databse, and that is TPS_DB.
6.Click the select button to browse the database and Click OK
After that you're done.

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