Advanced Web Store (PHP)

This is an Advanced Web Store of Dadad's Merchandising, a food establishment providing food ingredients. This is designed like the as having the shopping cart and an online ordering system.
The features of this system are the following:
- order product online
- add, edit, delete product
- shopping cart designed
- search product in home tab
- send order confirmation via email
- manage online order
- connected to online bank account for payment method
- connected to PayPal for payment method
- add delivery charge outside the coverage area
- generates various report
- add category of products
- upload image of the product information
- has check out for billing
- create user accounts for admin and users
- and many more
To go to the admin panel, type this in your browser:
- http://localhost/Dadads/admin
User account for the administrator:
- username: admin
- password: lyndon
Database name: dadadsdb
Hope you will like it! :)


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