Traffic Management Control System (VB.Net)

The Vehicle Traffic Management & Control System VB CSE Final Year Project has three basic components, which are
  1. Image Grabbing from the camera
  2. Processing the images
  3. Store and alert mechanisms
1. Image grabbing from the camera:
This particular module involves:
  • A Digital Camera
  • A driver for camera
  • Java Media Framework
The module continuously monitors and grabs the images of a lane and stores them in 8-bit JPEG format. The camera is a Charge Coupled Device Camera (CCDC). The CCDC is a digital camera whose output is a video stream. As the output is digital the stream data can directly be fed into the computer.
        For this module to work the camera driver need to be installed before. The Java Media Framework needs the driver to be installed as the JMF using query mechanism with driver. The JMF creates an object of type player, which is used for grabbing images. After grabbing images, the raw image is stored in buffer. The raw data is converted into image and then converted into 8-bit image. The 8-bit image is encoded into the JPEG format and is stored into the disk.

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