SLIITCom_SocialNetwork (Asp.NET)


README - SLIIT COM SOCIAL NETWORK ================================== Basic Social Networking system using C# - ASP.NET ------------------------------------------------------- Feature Overview - TODO ------------------------------------------------------- [DONE] 01. Students should be able to get registered with the social network. [DONE] 02. They should be able to manage their own profiles. [DONE] 03. They should be able to share their posts and news on a public e-wall inside the site. [DONE] 04. They should be given privilege to manage the friend list.(add, modify and delete) [SOME] 05. Students can add students as friends but students can only follow the teachers. [NOT-] 06. Messaging and chat facility. [DONE] 07. Job bank (If there are vacancies students will be notified through the site) [DONE] 08. Event planner for the year. [DONE] 09. Students should be able to add educational applications to their profile. [DONE] 10. Login / Logout ------------------------------------------------------- Required Software ------------------- [01] Dot Net Framework 3.5/4.0 [02] MS Visual Studio 2010/Web Developer Kit [03] MS SQL Server 2010 ------------------------------------------------------- Notes. ------- [01] Configure the MDF file inside App_Data to the SQL server. -------------------------------------------------------

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