Online Railway Reservation (Asp.NET)


Considering all these aspects we have tried to develop a system that will help the online railways better way to approach to their client, save lots of valuable time and benefit a lot from this system.The proposed system is so designed that it can be used by multiple users at a time with different access right granted to them by the administrator.We have provided the new, used, out-of-print, and antiquarian independent online reservation facility with a full detailed reservation solution 

Process Involved:

The proposed system as the following modules:-

1.      Login

2.      Reservations

3.      Trains

4.      Popular Trains

5.      Fares

Objective of the Project

Ø Accurate online ordering using Course Name and ID
Ø Better selection of new and used books from the largest textbook wholesaler in the nation
Ø Competitive pricing and a Customer Loyalty program that gives you more back for your books at the end of the term
Ø Online buyback program with free shipping

Hardware and software used:


Processor                              :           Intel Pentium D

Ram                                        :           1GB

Utility                                      :           Printer


Operating System                :           Windows xp

Front end                   :            Microsoft visual studio 2005

Back end                   :           Microsoft sql server 2005

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