Car Rental website (Asp.Net)


Car rental website source code in ASP .NET with C#. Final year students can download this for free. Do not use this code for commercial purpose. Share our website links in Facebook, twitter and Google+
 Car Rental website projects Details :
Project Title : Car Rental website code using ASP .NET
Project Platform : ASP .NET
Version Compatibility : ASP .NET 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 and 3.5
Back-End : ORACLE-9i
Project Description :
This code is based on the Car rental arena. The name itself you can find out the meaning of it. Just try this as a demo, then feel the real use of it. There is lots of cars available for rent such as Toyota, Maruthi, Suzuki, Tata, Safari, ambassador-car, BMW, Audi and many more. In this project client can search the cars by following category,
  • By City-wise
  • By Car model
students can use this project code as their Final year project for free of cost.
You can import the database by the IMP command.
ORACLE -> ora90 -> bin -> IMP

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