Project Introduction:
Care automation or vehicle automation system is useful for show rooms which will sell cars. There are different types of works like managing data, updating daily sales, stock details, customer information, vehicle master, distributor information, waiting list details and allotment details.
Project Synopsis:

Title: Car Automation System Project

Overview: This software is useful for care show rooms which provide cares for distributors for that area and update stock details, and daily requests to database.
Software Requirement:
Front End Design: Visual Basic
Database: SQL Server
Project Requirements:
List of important forms and there functionality implemented in this software.
Vehicle Stock: When new stock is received from company to show room details are updated based on car model, quantity and cost details. After supplying cars to dealers stock details are updated using this form.
Allotment Form: This module is useful for managing allotment details with customer name , address, type of car and show room details.
Waiting List:  Most of the car show rooms take order from customers for delivering car. In this case customer’s requests are put under waiting list.
Distributor Information: Car Company will have distributors all around the country. This module will help to update delivery details, total number of sales, percentage, payment details..etc for every distributor separately.

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