Business Web Directory (Asp.NET)


The purpose of this software is to transform the existing system into well organized computer system which would be able to handle the large amount of data.
·         In a time of globalization and competitiveness of diverse products and services, it is must to know the demands and expectations of the market. That is why this kind of business web directory is required.
·         In this, all the details about the company are maintained with the name, address, contact no., email and company belong to which product or service etc.
·         There should login and register option would be given so that businessman can submit the site to the business web directory and flexibility to edit and update the data would also be provided to them.
·         Flexibility to search by products or service would be given to the user.

·         Option Send Email Enquiry would be provided to the company so that they can make enquiry by sending mail.

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