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Morphing is the process of transforming one image to another. This software is easy to use for the beginners, but full of many advanced options for complicated morphs. This program can morph one image to another or add effects to one picture. The resulting animation can be computed and displayed real-time or it can be saved into the disk. Image morphing techniques can generate compelling 2D transitions between images.we implement our domain using Delaunay triangulation algorithm.
Here we have to consider a triangulation of a finite set of points S and a set of triangles whose vertices are the points in S and whose edges connect pairs of points in S.Each points of S is required to occur in at least one triangle. The edges are only allowed to intersect at the vertices.An optional requirement is that union of the triangles is the convex hull of S.Using Delaunay triangulation we have to maximizing the minimum angle produces .so here we consider a triangle whose 3 edges are in RGB formats first splits each triangle sharing E into two sub triangles then we have to check the edge is equal to E then we have to insert the subtriangle in to destination triangle. The adjacent triangle might need edge swap. Delaunary Triangulation algorithm implemented so as to eliminate duplicate input points. The triangle-based Triangulation algoritham is more fastest because it provides divide-and-conquer method; it is worth exploring in some depth. At first glance, the algorithm and data structure seem incompatible. The divide-and-conquer algorithm recursively halves the input vertices until they are partitioned into subsets of two or three vertices each. Each subset is easily triangulated (yielding an edge, two collinear edges, or a triangle), and the triangulations are merged together to form larger ones. If one uses a degenerate triangle to represent an isolated edge, the resulting code is clumsy because of the need to handle special cases. One might partition the input into subsets of three to five vertices, but this does not help if the points in a subset are collinear.

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