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Some larger organizations have a completely automated recruiting process. Candidates are invited to submit their resumes electronically via the corporate Internet website or internally via email. In addition to posting specific job openings, the website will also invite candidates with particular skills or education to submit their resumes and preferences for inclusion in the corporate resume database. These users are asked to complete a standard profile, which enables them to select from among a checklist of competencies and skills, interest areas, experience, career path objectives, etc. This information will be used in the scanning process to help match the candidate's profile with future job requirements.
The resumes received through the automated website are scanned into a database and screened electronically using key words to match the applicants with specific job requirements. Some software even provides various online testing devices for screening purposes. The resulting list of candidates is then forwarded to the department manager for follow-up and interviewing.
Smaller companies may decide to use online Resume Services as a potential source of candidate recruitment. These services are often cheaper than advertising and can offer additional benefits.

Online recruitment uses the power of the internet to match people to jobs. Fundamentally, it is about advertising vacancies on either job sites or corporate websites. At this very basic level it is particularly effective at getting a high level of response. While it may generate hundreds more applications than traditional print advertising, simply attracting more candidates is only part of the job. The current view is that truly effective online recruitment could be as low as 10% of the top blue-chip corporate companies.

E-recruitment solution has been developed for helping people to take advantage of internet revolution and its increased use. E-Recruitment Solution is focused on key procedures that any company uses to collect resumes, hire people such as candidate database, handling various human resource (HR) requirements identifying prospective candidates and evaluating them. It is completely customizable to suit the company's requirements. So you get what you exactly want.

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