Job Portal (Asp.Net)


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·         We have developed the job-portal. This portal can handle data of Recruits (Several Companies) who are looking for suitable candidates for their vacancies.

·         This portal will be most useful for Consultants for searching of matching job with jobseekers etc.

·         The classic Functionality of this Application focuses on data storage. However, the means to retrieve and analyze data, to extract, transform and load data, and to manage the data dictionary.

·         An administrator is provided through which can enter Recruiter’s record /type of jobs/jobseeker’s description. A registration form is provided through which user can enter details of company like location of company/type of job/status of job/Qualification of jobseekers. This data once entered can be edited/deleted as required when there will be vast entries of data user can scroll the data.

·         There are sections provided for Recruiter Requirement/Resource.

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