Goods Management System (VB.Net)


  This project is mainly concerned about management of procuring goods, which is a main part of trading system. Successful trading allows an enterprise to anticipate demand and deliver the right product to the right place at the right time at the lowest possible cost to satisfy its customers.    
Existing System:
The present system is maintained by using traditional methods of placing orders and delivering the goods. The information is kept in ledgers and files. It is difficult to search for required data efficiently. Often data is mismanaged and this may lead to loss of data. The system results in slow processing of orders.
Proposed System:
The proposed system is a web based application which allows one to place orders online. The system allows fast processing of orders. System allows communication between buyers and suppliers.
The system is proposed to have the following modules.
Administrator maintains the entire application. Administrator can add, delete and edit the information about buyers and suppliers.
Suppliers Module:
This Module involves supplier related operations. Suppliers must register in order to avail the services. Suppliers provide ordered products to the buyer after processing the orders.
Buyers Module:
This module involves buyer related operations. Buyers must register with the system to avail the services. Buyers can browse the information and place orders with suppliers.
Message Module:
This module allows communication among buyers, suppliers and administrator. The module has facilities to send and receive messages.

Search Module:
This Module contains operations to perform searching for products, suppliers, buyers based on different criteria.  

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