Employee entery (VB.Net)


Project Abstract:  
Maim idea for developing this project is to automate various types of works included in managing employee payroll, leave management inside organization. This application is also called as EPM which is not for selling but tool to manage employees details inside organization.

Project Purpose:
Many companies use manual methods for managing employees salary..etc which is time taking process. Developing employee payroll management system will help organizations in reducing manual work.

Project Scope:
EPM software can work on different computers at a time by sharing centralized database. Centralized database concept will help different departments to access application simultaneously.

Future Scope:
Presently this application works as standalone application.  If employees from different locations who are located away from office want to access simultaneously we must make this application as online.

Software requirements:
Front End Design: VB.NET (visual basic)
Database: SQL Server

Modules over View:
Master module, Employee Module, Attendance Module, Salary Module, Report Module . These are five main modules used in this software. Detailed explanation about each module and requirements are provided in project Report.

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