College Networking (PHP)

1. Introduction :
                    When the requirements document for the software to be developed is available the design activity begins. The main aim of design process is to produce a model or representation of the system, which can be used later to bind the system. The produced model is called design of the system. A system design is a top down approach to minimize complexity and make a problem manageable by subdivided it into smaller segments.

The most changing phase of the system development of life cycle is system design. It refers to the technical specification that will be applied in implementing the candidate system. The design phase is a translation from user oriented document to document oriented to programmers. The potential objects are thoroughly analyzed. Class hierarchies are to check whether the system is behaving the way it has to. There after the classes are individually tested and subsequently they are integrated from the overall system. This level focuses on deciding which modules are needed for system the specifications for those modules and how these modules are that interconnected.
Logical Design:
A logical data flow diagram shows the flow of data through a transaction processing system without regard to the time period when the data flows or the processing procedures occur.

Physical Design:
The physical design maps out the details of physical systems, plans the system implementations, device a test and implementation plan and specifies any new hardware and software.

Objective of the system:
The main purpose of creating Campus Networking Site is for meeting
worldwide college students and sharing knowledge, education related information’s,
etc. It contains standard social network content, like profiles, pictures, email and
groups, and video sharing, articles, etc. Student can create a profile, browse locations
worldwide, share and collect knowledge, education related tutorials, etc.

 2. Applicable document:

Profile detail:  It holds student profile information.

Education detail:  It has education articles, tutorials, videos ,photos  and any other information.

Upload detail: It holds uploaded images, videos, tutorials and any other  information’s .

3.Functional decompositions:
·        Student profile.
·        Education profile.
·        Education articles.
·        Images, videos, etc..
·        Quiz, question-answers etc..

4.Functional components and design assumptions.
The Campus network can help you maintain existing relationships with people and share pictures and messages, and establish new ones by reaching out to people you've never met before, an also using this site user can share Knowledge’s, education related books, question/answer, and any other information. 

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