Ticket Booking (VB)


                       INTRODUCTION  TO   THE   PROJECT:

This Software project is aimed at automation of a Travel Agency. Objective of the project is to develop customize software package for Travel Agencies.
          The system also provides a comprehensive mechanism of ticket booking for any travel agency. TRANS SERVICE NET is designed to help wide range of travel agencies come together and provide service to the customer. TRANS SERVICE NET comprehensive functionality helps the agencies expand their horizons in the field of providing service to the customers.
Local Booking:

          In this field of booking the agency provides the services available with its agency local to its area.

Non local Booking:

          In this field the agency provides the services available with non-local agency.  But service to the customer it provided by non-local providers of the same agency.

Shared Booking:

          In this field the agency can book the tickets for the customers with the services provided by other travel agencies. In this case customer handling is taken care by the other agency.

System Work Behavior:

                   All the travel agencies register to a common service called webservice as a client after which they are liable to interact with other travel agencies who provide services at different levels.  A client has to provide the webservice with all the necessary information regarding his travel agency or a client may hold a site himself. 

          A webservice hold the latest information regarding all its clients such as the different modes of transportation a travel agency hold, present status of the transportation, rates etc. 

          When a particular travel agency books a ticket for a customer for his agency within his area or other the change should be reflected on to the webservice. So that others clients get the latest information regarding the service.

          The entire project is based on the E-commerce architecture where a transaction between the agencies has to be handled via the webservice.

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