Image Watermarking (Java)


Watermarking is a technology used to embed some kind of information inside a guest content: typically the guest file is a multimedia content such as picture, audio or video.
The type of the embedded information depend on the specific application: for example a very spread application is to insert data concerning the copyright of the guest content in order to be able to track it and to proof its authenticity.
Another useful application of watermarking is to hide secret messages (ad example a vocal message) inside a public content (such as an image published on a web site).
Based on the specific algorithms and involved application, the type embedded mark can be of different types (not-exclusive between them):
Requirements of Projects
1) JDK 1.7
2) Netbeans 8.0
How to Run Application
1) Download and extract project.
2) Open in Netbeans 8.0.
3)  Right click on project name and select run option.

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