College_Information (Asp.Net)



  Now a day internet area Most of youngster now save their time on website such as find any information of related college or any other. I tried  to make my web site user frindly. User can do sing up ,do register , and find to information of my college.
 User can add comment on  their expireance but it can not able to delete it.user can find the product from product name or model.user can see and sale product, it can not change or upgarde product, it can do only admin.

              My project is college information web this user can create own personal account.Each User easily log in personal account and get the data for college.user can also be search the feculty , our friends and etc.
 The system can access by every students/faculties/employees of the institution through internet connected computers or internet enabled mobile devices with the aid of his user name and password. 

            Present system is a windows application, in which admin can apply to information about user required that system. Here the admin is stored to user requirement and get related data.

The user must always be available with the system to do the process. The user has to enter the details all time. So the process is time consuming.


Website make it simple and easy to gather information When you're searching through the Internet. The Internet is the largest source of knowledge in the world. All you need is a website.
To grow as a premier education and research institute in the field of Engineering with global view point and serving world class standards conferring excellence to the engineering products through
Dedicated  and  competent  engineers.
To grow Engineering institution of excellence with the environment of commitments and continuous learning approach.
The proposed system Follow :
1. It is automated computerized web based software system.
2. It uses latest technologies like ASP.NET and SQL Server.
3. It is easy to operate.
4. Attractive User Interface
This  website is benefit to the student for Admission section and saving the timing. This website is benefit to the college activites, and other details are known. This website is used academic Institute Technology. This website is advantage for connet all feculties and students friends and solved to the any problem easily.

Features of New system

Ø  Evaluated links complement the web site’s content.

Ø  Educational web sites should be accessible or useable on all computer systems in the school .

Ø  Using computerize system   time is saving  and it less man power     required.

Ø  Quick problems or requirement solved through  new   system.

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