Collage Web Portal (Vb.Net)


An Overview :“College Web Portal System” is a highly enhanced from the existing system. This is a server side system. The owners or authorized persons of colleges are providing with user-friendly interactive system. Our system will provide a best way to manage all the information of colleges which are belong to your city, state, or country in only one consistent database.

Objectives of the System :
                Automated College Web Portal system for Colleges enhances the facilities with implement latest technologies. This application enables instant access of information for the colleges like instructional area, library details, hostels, how many intakes in particular college in particular branch etc. which increase the information services, and satisfaction that keeps building the personal skill towards.

                In this system the owner of the college can Insert, Update, Save, and delete operation for various fields of the system.

þ   High level of security
þ   Instant data access
þ   Consistent Process Approach

Disadvantage of Old\Existing System :
As we know the manual processing is quite tedious, time Consuming and less accurate in comparison to computerized processing. Obviously the present system is not is exception consultant encountering all the above problems.

1)              Time consuming.
2)              It’s very tedious.
3)              All information is not placed separately.
4)              Lots of paper work.
5)              Slow data processing.
6)              Not user-friendly environment.
7)              It’s difficult to find records due to file management system.

Need for new system :-

To resolve the disadvantage of existing system and for faster data operation there is a need for new system.

1)     Manually system changes into Computerized system
2)     Friendly user interface.
3)     Time saving.
4)     Save paper work.
5)     Connecting database, so we can use queries to change our profile at a            time.
6)     Formatted and easily approachable data.

Hardware Requirement :-

1)           Processor :- Dual Core or above.
2)           RAM :- 128 MB or above.
3)           Hard Disk :- 80 GB or above.
4)           Monitor :- 17” CRT or above.
5)           Mouse :- Optical.
6)           CD-ROM.
7)           Internet Connection.

Software Requirement :-

1)               Operating system :- Windows XP.
2)               Front end :- Microsoft visual studio 2008.
3)               Back end :- Microsoft SQL server 2005.

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